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About IPMS

IPMS – International Plastic Modellers Society is an association that promotes the hobby of scale modelling by sharing skills, information and knowledge.

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About IPMS Polska

IPMS Polska was officially registered in spring 2011 and subsequently, in July 2011 was officially accepted in the Global Association of International Plastic Modellers Society consisting of certified IPMS national organisations in more than 40 countries worldwide. IPMS motto is the slogan “By modellers - for modellers”.

IPMS Polska primary objectives are:

- propagation and development of scale modelling in Poland;

- spreading historical and scale modelling knowledge among school children and teenagers, also knowledge about the Polish state;

- supporting research and restoration of technical and military monuments;

- promotion of Poland at exhibitions and scale modelling competitions in the country and abroad.

Furthermore, IPMS Polska aims for raising the level of scale modelling to the highest standard and to change public perception from that of a hobby for dilettantes to that of an appreciated art-form.

The aforementioned objectives have been reached through the years as attested by public attendance in various scale modelling domestic and international events.

The main event of the Society is that of its annual exhibition taking place in June in Warsaw.


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