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Ryga 2015


Dziś przyszedł do Nas email -zaproszenie do odwiedzenia konkursu w Rydze. Trochę daleko, ale opis wygląda bardzo zachęcająco. "Hello Marcin! My name is Nik (short from Nikolaj) and I am leading IPMS Latvia. Scale Modeling is my passion, hobby and bit of work as well. Mostly I build bikes in 1/12 and aricrafts in 1/72. Also I built card models from Maliy Modelaz and other magazines... It is my pleasure to announce that we have Scale Model Show this year in Riga. Everyone is welcome on 14th to 16th of August 2015. I know few modellers from Poland and have seen a lot great models from Poland. And in some way I feel respect to Poland in regards to investment to this amazing hobby! Therefore I would be very pleased to see modellers from Poland on the show. The subject of the show is I and II World War with accent on I World War. The show itself will run in a Latvian War Museum, where you will find lot of interesting stuff. During these days we will have Riga city celebration with lots of events. E.g. it is almost tradition to have some aero-show above city. Which always is amazing. Also it is the best weather in the year and you can enjoy all the benefits of that - sunshine, beach, sea. All the details will be populated on our web page: http://www.ipmslatvia.org/model-show-2015.html It is 4th time we run show in Riga. Golden Model is open international show which we organize every second year. Last time in 2013 we had around 100 modellers from 7 countries (including Scandinavia, Russia and Belarus, Baltic countries) with more then 600 models. We accept models for show and for contest - it's up to you to decide. We try to support any kind of modelling and therefore accept models from plastic, card(paper) and scratchbuild as well. There will be nominations for any type of model. More details (rules, registration form, nominations, etc.) will follow! This New Yeat I spent in Warsaw with my wife and we have only good memories. Plan to come back and then visit Krakov... We took the bus trip (http://www.eurolines.lt/en/) and transfer over the night. When we go back, we depart at 23:00 and arrive at about 11:00. So, it's about 11h trip Below I give some links with pictures on previous shows. http://www.ipmsstockholm.se/home/resa-till-golden-model-2013-i-riga-eller-utan-hal-i-huvudet/ http://scalemodels.ru/articles/6690-puteshestvie-v-rigu-na-vystavku-Golden-Model-2013.html And about events in Riga celebration http://www.rigassvetki.lv/2014/articles/category/en/news/ Please let me know what you think. Could it be interesting event for IPMS Polska to be part of? Sincerely yours, IPMS Latvia "

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