2 x Potez XXV B2, Azur, 1/72

The model has been converted from Azur Potez XXVA2 to the Polish version – XXV B2
The diference betwen French and Polish B2 were the bomb racks. Many of Polish Potez XXV airplanes didn’t have navigations lights.
The pilot’s MG has been replaced with Eduard’s Vickers borrowed from Fokker D.VII kit.
The first model depicts the plane from 55th Squadron of the 5th Air Regiment stationed in Lida airbase – the squadron sign was based on the emblem of Br.66 which came to Poland with Gen. Jozef Haller’s “Blue Army” formed in France in 1918.
The second model depicts the plane from 35th Squadron of the 3th Air Regiment based in Poznan-Lawica airbase.