Bristol Bulldog MK.II Finnish Air Force 1942, Airfix 1/72

The model depicts a Finnish Bristol Bulldog – a gif from Sweden, it was used only for training in 1942.
The kit is most likely the 80’s edition, it needed a bit more work then the 70’s edition but is much better then all what comes after…
Airfix made a mistake with propeller blades, they are reversed in the kit
The kit has been enchanced with engraved panel lines, a machine gun cover on the left side under the cockpit, some cockpit details made from scratch and dash board from YAHU Models.
Decals are mix of TECHMOD registration characters and GALDECAL swastikas.
The model has been painted with yellow and grey FS26440 from Gunze and olive green FS34096 from Modelmaster.